For Crawford, the role of the artist is akin to that of the shaman…

— Janie M Welker, Curator, Art Museum, University of Kentucky

About my sculptures

Inwardness is our nature; it connects us to our wholeness.

Art is an inward journey sparked by an outward appearance. The beauty of sculpture is activated by light and shadow. My sculptures include wall reliefs, pedestal sculptures, tree-like uprights and figures, all meant to be cast in bronze. I work with microcrystalline wax, called “poor man’s bronze” because it darkens as it oxidizes.

Male and female forms, sensual and organic, offer concave and convex recurving. Other shapes embody archetypes: an archway/sundoor or a cosmic ring, thresholds or portals, used since the early ancients to represent awakening. Because the surrogate situation we live in removes us from the earth and our senses, my sculptures are very touchable. I work with my fingers. Every impress has a feeling, a visceral energy.

Portals invert; that flow of energy inward opens to a spontaneous experience of the transcendent. When I’m in that creative zone, the surrender excites me. The process requires focus and physicality, but the pain is forgotten afterwards because it strokes itself into creation, always compelling and wondrous to me.

Thom with Sculptures

…we are no longer communal, neither in our lives nor in our art, and so to find our way to one another now, we must be tempted by fragmentary visions of silent messengers.
— Lawrence Taylor

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I found your sculptures to be both sublime and quiet, grand and meditative.

— Barbara Haskell
Whitney Museum of American Art

What speaks undisguised, dazzles.

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